Marianka The Last Woman - FIRST BOOK #1 - New comic book - Kickstarter 21 of may 2018

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Marianka The Last Woman - FIRST BOOK #1 - New comic book - Kickstarter 21 of may 2018

Postby mattykry » Fri May 11, 2018 2:31 am

hi guys !! we are making a new fantasy comic, we will launch it on Kickstarter the 21 of may.

The story begins in a distant and dark time when Life and Death are confused and the value of each is measured by the steel of the sword. Marianka and Stevano are a couple who live a quiet life, apparently close and safe from the tragic events that afflict the world. But the day comes when Stevano decides to leave in search of his slice of glory unaware of whom he will find in his path. For his misfortune during the journey is to come face-to-face with Dalgar, one of the most powerful of the Dark Witches and one of the few to handle the magic of shadow with uncanny, expert ability. Infuriated by the dry refusal that the young man offers to the allure of her charms, Dalgar reserves for him the worst of fates by launching a spell with the aim of chaining Stevano to her forever, body and soul . However, even for a Dark Witch as expert and powerful as Dalgar, magic can still offer a surprise or two. The soul of the man somehow manages to escape her spell and to leave in the clutches of Dalgar an empty shell of flesh.

It will be Marianka's task, unaware of her comrade's fate, to set off on a great quest to find out what happened to Stevano and how to bring together his body and soul.

The lands that Marianka has to travel through are immersed in a terrible, seemingly endless war which is plunging the world into total anarchy. Regardless of this, Kings and Emperors continue to fight each other using every resource that is in their power, while the count of the innocent massacred in their name continues to rise. It is in this nightmare scenario that Marianka, step by step, will approach the truth, with the help of singular companions encountered along the way, while trying to overcome those who will oppose her.


we will shipping it on everywhere in the world !! we would like to know your feedback !! please, check it out ! thank you guys #mariankatlw TEAM =)

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