Save! 35% Off on new comics! Support my Indiegogo Campaign!

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Save! 35% Off on new comics! Support my Indiegogo Campaign!

Postby Red_Shirt_Comics » Sun Dec 04, 2016 8:39 am

Hello, CBF Community!

I come to you all hat in hand to raise the necessary funding to start my dream business, a comic book shop. I've wanted to do this ever since I was a kid but never had the support to pursue it. Life has provided me a window to chase this dream and a loving wife to support it. So aside from some neat swag, I'm also offering deep discounts on comics and more. Please consider supporting this, not just for my sake but for the sake of bring the joy of comics, cosplay and pop culture to the masses.

Aside from your typical new issues, back issues, graphic novels, toys and collectibles, I plan on catering to cosplayers with a vacuum form machine as well as a 3D printer and scanner as well as lifestyle goods like clothes, kitchenware, and home decor for the fans who might enjoy comic related properties without actually reading many comics.

Check out our Indiegogo Page to learn more about what Red Shirt Comics is about and be sure to follow us on
Instagram http://https//,

Thank you all!

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