MR-SigS's KUDOS Thread- Just in case.

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MR-SigS's KUDOS Thread- Just in case.

Postby MR-SigS » Tue Nov 11, 2014 10:39 am

Someday our sales forum will be buzzing with activity, so let me get a head start at putting your mind at ease :flowery:

Below are some kudos left for me from the other forum (Note: I also went by the names of Darth Ominus and Sulphur Server.

Tempus Fugit wrote: Let me be the first to proclaim [Darth Ominus] an instant pay.
He bought a couple of SA ASM's from me, a flawless transaction.

musicmeta wrote: It was a REAL PLEASURE doing a transaction with Darth Ominus (Scott). :thumbsup2:
Paid FAST! and was just a real nice person to deal with.
I hope we can do another transaction very soon!

JerryZ wrote: Scott paid right away and was a true pleasure to deal with :rockout:

Max Carnage wrote: Scott ( Darth Ominus ) was a joy to sell to. He paid super quick and communicated through out the transaction :thumbsup2:

Chuck Gower wrote: Super fast payment. Great Transaction!

Bill C wrote: I sold a bigger ticket book to Scott
Excellent communication and timely payment. A pleasure to deal with, everything went smoothly. I'm very much looking forward to selling to Scott in the future :cloud9:

The Resurrection wrote: I sold a fairly expensive book to Scott (Avengers #4). Arranged to do time payments, and paid it off early. A great guy to do business with!

DR.X wrote: Quick payment and good communication. Easy to deal with. (thumbs u

Bill C wrote: Sold another half dozen early SA books to Scott
As usual, communication was excellent. Payment for the books was arranged and it actually came in far ahead of schedule.
Dealing with Scott is a very pleasant, laid back experience :banana:

Moetown wrote: Doesn't get any better than this as Scott is a GREAT guy to deal with. Super fast payment; great communication and hope to do business with in the future!!! Thanks again Scott for the purchases!!! :thumbsup2:
- Dave

Jim Corrigan wrote: I hate to say the same thing as everyone before me but it's all true. I sold some early Avengers to Scott. His payment was immediate and his communication during the transaction was excellent. He's well-mannered and articulate and truly a pleasure to deal with. I would not hesitate to deal with him again and I look forward to a long friendship with him on the forum.


thirdgreenham wrote: Received a well-packed book that I paid for. Scott shipped very quickly and I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again. :thumbsup2:

tortoise wrote: I bought a book (cheap), he shipped the book (packed very well), I got the book ( very quickly). Thanks! (don't really have anything for these parentheses).

rsortor wrote: Received some books from Scott's recent sales thread including a beautiful very high-grade personal grail today. Wow! Super-fast shipping (which he under-charged for) and excellent packaging; book grades were perfect! :clapping: ..actually better than I expected! I couldn't be happier! Highest recommendation! :thumbsup2:

Hado wrote:I bought four books from Scott, packed like they were ready to go to war, do your worst USPS!
They arrived very quickly as described and I'm very pleased.

comicartfan wrote: Single best packing job I've ever seen !....Super fast shipping and books would have survived intact being dropped out of a Blackhawk over the Iraq landscape.
Buy with confidence ! :thumbsup2:

Norrin's lawyer wrote: Scott was my first transaction on the boards, and I can say with confidence, what an awesome guy to work with! The books exceeded expectations, and the packing/shipping was the best I have ever seen, seriously, pretty amazing stuff. I venture to say I have been spoiled by this transaction, however, from what I see the people on this board take care of each other! Thanks Scott, looking forward to another. :D Greg

porcupine48 wrote: YES!!!!!!!
That is what I hollered when I opened my grenade proof superior packing job
I received from Scott this week!
Awesome!!! is what I exclaimed when I checked out the super deal comics that were
graded fairly with a nudge in my direction that I had purchased!
THWOOOPGH! is the sound my bum made as it hit the chair after seeing the wicked freebies inside!
..and he is a really pleasant tres bon (french for wicked) personable fellow to deal with.
I am really happy with this transaction
just so you know.
check Scott out if you have not already,it'll be fab!

pwog wrote: I bought a hulk 182 from Scott. Great communications, very easy to deal with, fast shipping and most importantly a great book! Thanks Scott!

greggy wrote:Quick and easy transaction at the last VCC. Thanks

1Cool wrote: I bought a nice batch of JIM's from Scott and they arrived quickly and packed properly. The price was good and the service was better. Thanks Scott.

edowens71 wrote: Just bought a stack of SA Fantastic Four books from Scott. Accurate grading, great prices, and an insanely awesome packing job! Kudos :thumbsup2:

comicalgems wrote:
edowens71 wrote: Just bought a stack of SA Fantastic Four books from Scott. Accurate grading, great prices, and an insanely awesome packing job! Kudos :thumbsup2:

Also recently bought books from Scott. I have to +1,000 the packaging job. Not only was everything secure but I didn't have to wield a samurai word (or box knife, or scissors) to get it open. It was a pleasant surprise for sure. I've recommended he do a how to video or post on that particular packaging method. It was pretty damn bad ass!

Also the books came in exactly the shape I expected. Honest seller. Top of the mark!

thehumantorch wrote: Bought several times from Scott. All went well and he's 100 % trustworthy.

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