Looking for Judges for Fantasy Superhero Draft!

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Looking for Judges for Fantasy Superhero Draft!

Postby NewSuperPodcast » Tue Aug 25, 2015 7:31 am

Hey everyone!

My podcast (All-New Super Friends Super Show) is putting together a special Fantasy Draft episode, where participants will select 7 heroes from the modern DC Comics Universe with the goal of putting together an all-powerful/well-balanced Super Team.

Here's where YOU come in! We are trying to get together a group of non-biased, knowledgeable comic book fans to judge each Super Team against each other toward determining what Super Team deserves to win a cash prize and fantasy trophy.

If you're interested in helping, your role in the process will be fairly simple:
1.) Once the draft is over, we would send you the full list of the completed 7-man squads
2.) You would grade each draft pick on a 1 - 6 scale based on how well the character fits the role he's been drafted for, and then you will rank the importance of each role. (The teams will be made up of 7 roles: Leader; Rouge/Wild Card; Assault; Defense; Scout; Street-level/Non-superpowered; Headquarters Monitor ... Guy). Plus, there might a grade for how marketable and/or interesting the team is if they were to be featured in their own on-going monthly series.

As a thank you, we would give you a special shout out on an episode of our podcast and send you a Limited-Edition Super Friends Super Show MUG! Also, we will happily either have you on the show, or play a pre-recorded explanation of your ratings.

Interested?! Then don't hesitate to drop us a line by E-Mail (PECANSANDIES83@gmail.com), Twitter (@NewSuperPodcast), or Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/SuperFriendsShow). Looking forward to talking to you!

Thank you,
Sean Dwyer

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