Online edition of comics from Russia!

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Online edition of comics from Russia!

Postby Den_K » Thu Jan 14, 2016 9:04 am

January, 14 the online edition for reading comics Red Port comics started the fundraising campaign on crowdfunding platform Indiegogo.

Red Port comics is amazing project! This is website where you can read comics by authors from Russia and CIS. Now there are almost no comics in Russia, just foreign, from the USA and Europe. Red Port comics wants to rectify this situation and gives an opportunity for Russian artists and writers to create their original comics.
The comics made in Russia are an incredible combination of 3 directions of the comics culture: American, European and Japanese. Comics are not limited by genre. There is history of America, history of Russia, fantastic and romantic stories, adventures and philosophy. Everything is possible in Russian comics!

Right now on the website you can see the first singles of 2 original ongoings by authors from Russia!

The first ongoing is “The stories”.

Writer: Artem Treskov. Artist: Blagodar

Genre: Mystery, philosophy, horror.

The plot of this comic tells us about the fates of people connected with art and the impact of supernatural forces on the fate of these people. Every new single for this comic is the story from the life of one of the characters of this creation. Author of this scenario Artem Treskov said that, there is a new story in each issue, new characters in each series; their fates are weave, their lives are tragic and the end is unexpected.Enjoy the stories!
The plot of the comic is not limited to time and space, the events of the comic happen in the past and in the future and the present time, and in different countries.
The first single the reader will be able to meet the first hero of the comic, an aspiring actor Harry Peck, who decided to take part in an unusual experiment for the sake of his acting career.

The second ongoing is “Soteria”

Writer: Ksenia Glazunova. Artist: Anna Kurbatova

Genre: Thriller, mystery, drama.

The action takes place in our days, in one of the American towns. The main characters is the inhabitants of a psychiatric clinic. Some of them got into a psychiatric clinic recently, and for some it has already become home. But the walls of psychiatric clinics fraught with many dangers. Is there a way to leave this refuge of terror? To escape from the clutches of a ruthless pseudo-techs who can easily threaten people's lives? And to save the innocent girl, who by chance, or doom appeared in this lifeless place? Who knows!
Suicide, a klepto, a fanatic, a paranoid, a person with dissociative identity disorder and the guy, who thought of themselves as Alexander the Great, will combine to destroy the fragile card wall "Hills of Sorrow".
The first single of «Soteria» the reader meets the main characters and begins to dive into the world of a mental hospital "Hills of sorrow".

In addition, expect started ongoings, authors of these projects make two more releases. It will be released on March, 2016 with the launch of the English version of the website.

The crew of Red Port comics wants to create English version of the website so everybody all over the world can read comics from Russia and CIS. And for that there is a fundraising campaign on Indiegogo. For our aim, Den K, is our main editor and creator of the project, buried himself in the snow voluntary. Just you can save him! Every dollar can melt the snow!

Let’s support the project and save Den K from death in the snow!

View our campaign on the website Indiegogo: ... 980#/story
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